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The Full Story


A Journey of Excellence Crafted by Saida Burboa


In the year 2022, Barberet emerged as a visionary creation by none other than Saida Burboa, an industry veteran who's been proudly part of the Barber Industry since 2002.


Driven by an unwavering passion to delight every customer, whether a loyal patron for years or a first-time visitor, Barberet stands as a testament to Saida's dedication and commitment to exceptional service.



Who is Barberet?

Unveiling the Unique Essence Behind the Name


In the realm of barbershops, the English language lacks a specific term to identify a female barber. To bestow meaning upon my talent and years of experience, I proudly adopted the name "Barberet," derived from the Danish language, signifying "to shave one's beard."


Now, you may wonder, do I have a beard? A resounding "no" with a chuckle! However, the name "Barberet" breathes life into the artistry of my profession, resonating with the very essence of what I do.


With two decades of expertise in handling multiracial hair, my talent gains a distinctive edge, as I specialize in diverse hair textures and styles, setting me apart in the industry.



My Goal

Delivering Professionalism and Comfort: My Ultimate Priority


My foremost objective is to provide every client, whether they are familiar faces or newcomers, with the utmost professionalism and a comfortable experience.


My Father once posed a profound question: "What matters more, you smiling at your client or your client smiling at you?"


This question has left an indelible mark on me, serving as a daily reminder that the key to success lies not only in the excellence of my work but also in ensuring my clients' satisfaction with the service they receive. I firmly believe that a flourishing business hinges on the happiness and contentment of my valued clients.

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